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Be Car Smart with Service Smart ®


Have your vehicle evaluated by an ASE Certified Professional today!

Service Smart℠ is a program designed to empower our clients by enabling them to take control of their repair and maintenance needs by helping them define car care goals through personalized maintenance schedules.

How does Service Smart® Work?

thorough check outs + organized reports

 All the information from each Service Smart® inspection is compiled into a report. The findings presented in Service Smart® reports are organized  into categories. The categories are, in order of importance: safety, repair, and maintenance items. The clear language and graphics help you understand what your vehicle needs now, what it will need in the near future, and what it will need in the far future. 

Never feel any pressure to purchase work. Our goal to help consumers feel empowered when it comes to auto care as we feel we have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients. 

Everardo and Karolena Serratos, Houston Auto Repair Shop owners, performing a vehicle check out together.

Everardo and Karolena Serratos, Houston Auto Repair Shop owners, performing a vehicle check out together.

What are the benefits of Service Smart?

Service Smart - Professional Auto Care - Created by Karolena Serratos

Peace of Mind

Complete peace of mind on the road, knowing your vehicle is thoroughly checked during every service visit.

Warranty, Simplified

We are proactive with manufacturer and extended warranty repairs so you can avoid paying out of pocket. 

Service Intervals, never missed

One of the main reasons for warranty loss is passed service intervals, so we help you keep track of them.

Extra Warranty, just for you

2 year/24,000 mile, whichever comes first, warranty on majority of services.

you & your vehicle, Prioritized

Priority scheduling on weekdays. EXCLUSIVE access to Saturday reservations. 

Budgeting made easy

We analyze many sources of information to create a service plain tailored to you & your vehicle's needs.


Your vehicle will undergo a thorough inspection in regards to safety, repair and maintenance by a certified auto technician. This inspection includes the following: Full Road Test (ODBII, fluid levels, idle speed, misfires, motor mounts, alignment, cv joints, engine hesitation, power brake, transmission shifting, brake shudder, struts/shocks, wheel bearings, instruments), Basic Computer Scan, Exterior Examination, Interior Examination, Visual Inspection of the Heating Air Conditioning and Ventilation System, Brake System, Cooling System, Differential, Drive Line, Engine, Evaporative Emission System, Exhaust, Fuel System, Power Steering System, Suspension System, Steering System, Tires and Transmission

The technician will compile a detailed non biased report listing all items found during the inspection process. Each item will have been carefully placed in order of priority. You will receive your report via email so that you may look it over wherever you are, refer back it to if you have questions, and have it open when you respond to us via email. This report will explain every component of your vehicle that requires attention neatly organized into three major categories: first safety then repair and finally maintenance. Understanding your report is the key to understanding your vehicle. 

Using the report and feedback from you about your goals, vehicular and financial, we will create a custom maintenance program that takes into account manufacturer's recommendations, industry standards, and your personal driving habits. This means you'll be able to budget for your vehicle's expenses much more efficiently and basically see the future you and your car have together clearer than ever before. 

Please note that Service Smart℠ does not include higher level diagnostics.

Be sure to have your vehicle thoroughly examined by an auto care professional

Be sure to have your vehicle thoroughly examined by an auto care professional